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Are you ready for the next big adventures?

As we approach the end of a year, we are also approaching the beginning of something new and exciting. Especially for those of us who can’t wait for the next dog mushing season to begin. Our athletes and all their amazing dogs will yet again compete on some of the toughest trails there is.
Are you ready?

Maybe you still remember the success our team members had in the 2019 season - but maybe you don't? However we do know, that most of you are very excited and eager to find out where our teams will be participating in the 2020 season and if you are one of them, continue reading.

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What awaits US in the 2020 season?

All our teams have been training in full speed for the upcoming races. The training season is a great time to re-connect with the dogs and get back in shape. A summer in a mushing dogs life is of course enjoyed through several activities, however they know when the real training starts and can't wait to be back on the snowy trails. The dogs and musher continuously work on dealing with challenges they might face and manage to work their way around them. This is to make sure solid training for the coming race season is covered, as they look forward to the journeys and adventures they will have together.

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races our mushers will compete

Starting off the 2020 season, you can follow Joar and his kennel, Sivo racing, at the Kuskokwim 300, before they once again set sail for Nome during Iditarod. This will be the eight time Joar and his team are taking on the challenge of the Last Great Race on Earth. You will see some familiar four-legged athletes on the trails, however there are also some new faces. If you are curious, you can meet the full team here

Marit and team Vinterdans will this time participate in the Femund race 650. Last year Marit went on the Femund race 450 with two of her younger dog teams. Vinterdans will in addition once again  compete in the Finnmark race 1200. The longest and toughest race Europe has to offer, located in the very north of Norway. The team is very ambitious, as Marit will have some very strong four-legged athletes with her on the trail.

Thomas and the Berserk dogs are to be found in not only one, but two continents next year. We are eager to see him back at the Femund race 650, which he finished way ahead of his competition in 2019. He is also once again chasing his dream to compete at the Iditarod, for the second time in his dog mushing career. Following his double victory in Europe's toughest long-distance races, the team needed a new challenge and the Iditarod is every dog mushers' dream.  We know that no matter what will be the outcome during this season's races, Thomas & Co will be tough competition. 

Our younger viking from the north, Hanna, is for the second time competing in the Femund race 650. Being new on the longer trail last season, the team put in a great performance. You can also follow this amazing young musher at the Finnmark race 1200.  After her Finnmark race 550 victory in 2019, she and her dogs will take on the challenge and race the longest race Europe has to offer. 

Finally despite wanting to spill the beans on Dallas we can’t just yet.
You’ll have to stay tuned!

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It will not get boring!

2020 will surely be a season to remember as we begin our second year as a professional long-distance dog sled team. With 5 unique personalities and a lot of outstanding dog athletes, participating in several different races, we are eager to follow their journey and adventures during the events. We hope you will join us!

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