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Why sponsor a professional Mushing team?

In 2018 the brand QRILL Pet and partners launched the world’s first professional long-distance dog sled team. Part race equipment, part pet nutritional study, and part recruitment vehicle for the sport itself, the ambitions of the team are as broad as the winter landscapes our mushers will be racing across.


Making an impact

Why kick-start the world's first professional long-distance dog sled team as an omega-3 ingredient brand, is indeed an interesting question. With the functional ingredient krill in mind, we see dog mushing as a great platform for us to communicate to customers the importance of quality ingredients that goes into pet food formulas and supplements. For a sled dog to achieve good results, a rapid restitution period and otherwise to be healthy and happy, they need a great amount of right nutritions. Besides a protein rich diet, they need vitamins, minerals and omega-3s.

The brand QRILL Pet had an active interest in dog mushing for a long period of time, as this gives us an arena to explore the benefits of our ingredient on top athletes. We had a fantastic experience with pilot sponsorships on Thomas Wærner, Sigrid Ekran and Joar Leifseth Ulsom, helping to improve their dogs' overall endurance and well-being. The team gives the sponsors a platform to further research and develop our products for the needs of these special animals, so we can continue to improve their well-being and meet their needs during these long endurance races. What works on these highly athletic dogs, will also be beneficial for all dogs in the world. 

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High quality ingredients

We want to see that only the best ingredients go into the formulations fed to these top athletes. Research has shown that krill omega-3 to be a valuable nutrient that holds great health benefits for both human and pets. Premium pet foods, such as the once fed to the QRILL Pet Mushing Team sled dogs, are formulated to meet their high nutritional needs. During a long-distance race, a sled dog may need up to 12,000 calories per day to make up for all the exercise. Their diet includes dry food, fresh meat, fat, fish and other treats. A big amount of their everyday daily intake relies on dry food.  High quality ingredients in the formulations is therefor of great importance, as well as the palatability of the food.

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Innovation in dog mushing

We as partners, along with our mushers aim to contribute to innovation on all aspects of the sport. We want to see dog mushing evolve into a more popular sport and that more people will get to know the uniqueness of the sport. We believe the world's first professional long-distance dog sled team, is a first step towards creating an arena that allows the sport to grow, both on nutrition and equipment, as well as racing events. Showcasing the uniqueness of the sport to the rest of the world, will bring in new partners, which will nurture growth and take our vision of the sport to the next level. 

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