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The team is getting better and better

Hanna Lyrek has 32 dogs in training, where about 20 of them are up for running in the A-team this winter.

"There is a nice mix of dogs, starting at 2 years and the oldest being 7. The team keeps getting better every year. Dogs that were young and inexperienced 3 years ago, have now done all the races we have participated in and become incredibly important for the whole team. It's fun for me to see, since they started out at the same time as I did doing long distance races."

Hannas ledere-1

"I can definitely say we have learned a lot together. So this season we are still out on the trail to learn and have fun. We of course want to do well in the races we participate in and keep a happy and healthy team."


Finnmarksløpet is my favorite race
Lyrek is planning to participate in Finnmarksløpet 2021 and some other smaller races.

"Finnmarksløpet is my favorite race. It`s been such a big part of my life and being out on the trail in Finnmark is really special. It feels like home."

Hanna slede Kauto-1

At the same time, Lyrek is worried that the Covid-situation will lead to cancelled races. Her kennel is also affected by the pandemic.

"We run a tourism company and usually take guests from all around the world out for mushing experiences. Hopefully things will start to get better soon."


Winter can't come fast enough
Lyrek is now focusing on getting the dogs and the kennel ready and prepared for the winter. A lot of time is spent on feeding the dogs, scooping poop and training. Lifting all the doghouses off the ground and putting them on pallets. Making loads off neck and back lines and filling holes in the yard before the ground freezes, and getting sleds and sled bags ready so when they get snow they are ready to roll.

Hanna slede

"I like to train in the morning, so I can make time to do other things the rest of the day. We go out for a training run and come back to clean all the harnesses and gang-lines. I also spend some time in the yard after training, with all the dogs loose running around.  Then I may go out for a run or a walk with the puppies. There are so many things to do every day and no days are the same."

Lyrek likes fall training, because it means getting started again and getting the dogs in shape. But she admits that she is constantly waiting for winter to come.

"Winter can't come fast enough. Sitting on the ATV is not much fun," says Lyrek.


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