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Marit Beate Kasin

Marit is a Norwegian musher and journalist. In 2008, she started her kennel Vinterdans, with the goal to compete in all the longest sled dog races in the world. Marit loves to combine dog-sledding with her passion for writing. 



















Mushers Bio

Meet Marit Beate Kasin

Marit Beate is a professional dog musher and journalist. She got her first dog, a border collie, when she was 11 years old and has previously trained and competed within obedience, herding-, search- and rescue dogs. In 2008, she started her own kennel Vinterdans (Winter Dance), where she currently has 45 Alaskan huskies. She was crowned "Rookie of the year" in 2015 at the Finnmark race and became Norwegian champion in 2016. Since, the team continues to achieve great results and her goal is to participate in all the world’s longest sled dog races. 

Today, she combines dog-sledding with her passion for writing. She is the author of the critically acclaimed book “Vinterdans”, a narrative non-fiction book about long-distance mushing. A life close to nature is important to Marit Beate, who emphasizes healthy, strong and happy dogs - all year round. Her kennel is currently located in Valdres, Oppland County, close to Jotunheimen and Langsua National Park, Norway.


Meet some of the athletes


Nanuk is one of Marit´s great lead dogs. His names means big polar bear. Although he is not white, he is quite big and weighs almost 30 kgs. Nanuk, a big charmer,  also has a big and soft heart and takes his role as lead dog very seriously.  


Biff has a big personality and is definitely  a loyal dog, with his heart in the right place. With his "never give up" attitude, he makes a strong lead dog, who you can always trust - no matter what the situation.


Sel is the gorgeous sister of Biff, who runs just a little faster than him. She feels best when in lead and likes to boss a little over the other dogs in the kennel. Marit says I am a little crazy and always "on", but she apparently like that.


Høst is quite a serious fellow compared to his naughty sister, Fri. He is focused and closely listens to what Marit has to say. Høst has great potential in becoming an excellent lead dog. Time will show what he has in store. 

Q & A

Did you know?

I knew I wanted to become a professional dog musher when... I was 7 years old, and wrote my first school assignment at elementary school about Iditarod and Alaska.

My most memorable racing experience is... I will never forget my first Femund race. It was minus 36 degrees almost the entire race, icy trails, overwater and surprisingly many mountain peaks we were going up and down.

The race I dream of winning is... Finnmark race - in the very north of Norway, I have fallen in love with the race and landscape. It would be an honor to win that race.

My goal for the next five years is... We will run the longest races in Norway in the 2020 season, before fulfilling our dream of competing at the Iditarod. And the ultimate goal is to continue to learn and become a better dog musher, with a happy and healthy dog team. 

If I didn’t do what I am doing today, I would... I would do more of what I do today; writing newspaper articles and books while  being close to nature. Maybe I would spend more time on long expeditions, searching for gold, diamonds, meteors and unknown civilizations. And if life gets boring, I may track down Santa and his reindeers, maybe publish a Santa biography, or write an epic travel novel to the Moon.



4th place at the Finnmark race (FL-1200)

2017 - 2016

Overall placement winner Finnmark race (FL-1000)


Norwegian Champion & 2nd place at the Finnmark race (FL-1000)


Rookie of the year - Finnmark race (FL-1000) - 11th Place

Fun Facts

She loves to combine her passion for dog-sledding and writing. 

In 2018, Marit published her first book, the critically acclaimed book “Vinterdans”, a narrative non-fiction book about long-distance mushing.


See latest videos of Marit

Biff - the loyal guy

Tilla, always up for the lead

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