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Lagertha the "wrestler"

Get to know the puppy


The largest puppy since the very beginning!

This lady might have a future in heavyweight wrestling if mushing doesn't work out. She actively uses her bodyweight in the daily strength tests with her siblings. Work smarter not harder, as the saying states. 

Named after the shield-maiden and ruler from what is now Norway, Lagertha will be one to follow in the future to come. 













Lagertha was according to the stories a Viking shield-maiden and ruler of what is now Norway. The stories of Lagertha’s life can be found in Saxo Grammaticus’ Gesta Danorum, which in details explains how she met Ragnar Lothbrok and what he did in order to win her hand. According to the Gesta Danorum, Ragnar killed a bear and the hound which guarded Lagertha’s home, in order to "win" her. They eventually divorced, but when Ragnar asked for her help during a civil war, Lagertha still came to his rescue with 120 ships.

According to modern historians, Lagertha was not a a real person. They believe she is a reflection of all tales on viking warrior women or even the Norse goddess Thorgerd, especially as the description of Lagertha coming to Ragnar’s aid “with flying hair” is similar to how Thorgerd (and her sister, Irpa) was described when assisting Haakon.

It is also possible that Lagertha is a representation of the valkyries, female figures who choose which of the warriors who died in battle, would be taken to Valhalla. The reason for this is that Saxo described her as “flying around” to the rear of the enemy, attributing to her the power of flight.

Whether our Lagertha is named after a fictional character, a true viking warrior or a combination of everything, we believe this fierce lady is someone to recon with. No matter if she become a professional mushing dog, a heavyweight wrestler or a couch potato. 

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