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The beginning

This is the QRILL Pet Mushing Team

Update from our team event

Dallas Seavey

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Interview with Dallas Seavey - 2021 Iditarod Champion

Meet the newcomers to the Seavey family

The role of a lead dog

Dallas explains dog mushing

Success in dog mushing

Gamble - The prodigy dog

Rapid, the happy go lucky guy

Sweet and happy Mater

Up and coming Superstar, Prophet

Barley, one of they big guys

Bishop, a special runner

Ripple, the happy and playful lady

Thomas Wærner

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Highlights from Iditarod 2020

Thomas sharing some big news

Races Thomas & Co. will run in 2020

How does Thomas prepare for the new season

Introduction of the team with Thomas

Thomas' first team video 2018

Marit Beate Kasin

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Biff - a truly royal dog

Gypsy - always excited on the trails

Apo - a real charmer

Tilla - born to be a leader

Interview with Marit 2018

Joar Leifseth Ulsom

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Opening Iditarod 2019

Joar & Co. Check-point talk

Interview with Joar before Iditarod 2019

Hanna Lyrek

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The life of a young professional dog musher

Hanna talkes about the importance of dog food

Hanna talks about the 2020 race season

Who will make it on Hanna´s team this season?

Training season with Hanna 2019

Interview with Hanna before Finnmark 2019

Hanna's future ambitions



Focusing on race-winning performance, along with making a positive contribution to a unique and challenging endurance sport, Team QRILL Pet is more than ‘just’ a team.